Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Where are you now?

Where are you now? If you've been invited to view this site, then you have the admin rights to post new stories! Please post a story and picture about where you are and what you are doing. Perhaps a scan or two of an old ComputerWare business card to remind us all of your connection to ComputerWare: The MacSource!


pegster said...

Hey Dan, this is Peggy Shea. I am in Orange County working at a Design and Marketing agency. However, I am selling my house and looking to move to North Carolina. After moving down here from being laid off from Cisco Systems, after 5 years, I found I don't care for Southern California and can't afford to move back to the Bay Area.

MandiT said...

Hi -
I have been in Seattle for almost 5 years working in account management and sales operations. Not really loving the area, so I will be moving in the next few months. I'll be in the Bay Area late May until early June before heading to Boston. It would be great if there was another reunion event. Let me know. Cheers, Mandi

Tamika said...

Hey everyone...Tamika here! I am still in the Bay Area (Mountain View) and since Computerware I stayed in the industry for a little while. Since the bust I left the industry and went into telecom after a few sales positions with other companies. Today, I'm with Verizon Wireless as one of their Business Acct. Exec. for the San Jose area. It's a really great and fun industry to be in!

Dan Bodenheimer said...

Hello all,
I greatly enjoyed my time at ComputerWare with such a wonderful gang of Macintosh enthusiasts. I moved into Web Architecture with ComputerWare, and then continued with Amherst. I left Amherst in 2002 and moved to San Diego where I eventually ended up working for selling flowers!

Weasel1 said...

I miss playing nurf football in the San Mateo ComputerWare when we werent't playing Riven. And, yes, I miss Tolas.
Let's see I became a programmer and lived the life of Dilbert in a Cube for Charles Schwab after writing a ton of financial software for Franklin Templeton.
Currently designing programming languages.
Still use a mac.

Tad Hanna said...

Hi everyone,

This is Tad Hanna. I worked at the Palo Alto store for one summer, summer of 1988 I think. I had a *blast* working there and learned a lot to boot!

Memorable moments: having my handwriting analyzed as part of my hiring process; selling a hard drive to Todd Rundgren; meeting Stephen Wolfram who gave a demo of the first version of Mathematica.

I am still a Macintosh fanatic and have been a graphic designer for quite a while, see my website

Best wishes to all of you! --- Tad

Blessings that come in four said...

Hello Dan,
This is Matt Cunningham. I worked at Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Palo Alto, Direct Sales, and then the Call Center. Life after ComputerWare, I went on to work at Apple. Currently I live in Colorado and work software quality in Boulder Co.