Monday, July 28, 2008

QuickMail Discontinued

MacNN reports that Outspring has announced that it is discontinuing its QuickMail email client and server line. The company has suspended all sales and phone support for QuickMail, although customers who purchased QuickMail products in the last 90 days will still be entitled to another 90 days of telephone support.

Wow, that brings back memories. I only used QuickMail when I worked at ComputerWare, but I remember it well. When I got to the Santa Cruz store, QuickMail was our main link to the rest of the company. I remember all the "special" forms users created. I remember the Mickey Mouse flipping the bird message and a few others. Stefen Fanger from the Palo Alto store accumulated quite a collection of custom QuickMail forms.

Anyone have any favorites?

Also makes me think of the fact that to this day I sign all my emails with "--Eric K". This goes back to a problem on the mail server where Eric Matson's and my email boxes got intertwined. Since he was the manager of the new Sunnyvale store and I was just a peon sales guy at the Palo Alto store, I shouldn't have been able to see his email, and people needed to know when I was sending out email that I wasn't him, so I kept signing everything with "--Eric K" to avoid confusion.

--Eric K


Dan Bodenheimer said...

There’s still hope…

Asked about the possible future of QuickMail, Baudin stated, "We do intend to eventually create an all-new QuickMail server, written from the ground-up to be completely UNIX and OS X compatible. But right now, our primary focus is on our new Outspring Mail client for Macintosh and our line of spam-fighting products." Baudin estimates that if they do create a new QuickMail server, it won't be until 2010 or 2011.

MastaHanksta said...

I used to work here in 1998 to 2001.
Fun times
Matt Morris was my manager in San Francisco.

Unknown said...

Dan Bodenheimer answered a lot of questions for me when I was putting together Comparison Charts for the various products. I’m sure some of them were really pretty dumb, but he was always very helpful and polite to me! Thanks for all your help, Dan!